Maths4DL academics win John Ockendon prize

Maths4DL investigators, Carola.B.Schönlieb and Matthias.J.Ehrhardt, are part of a team who been awarded the 2022 John Ockendon Prize.

The European Journal of Applied Mathematics (EJAM) and Cambridge University Press are pleased to award the 2022 John Ockendon Prize to E. Celledoni, M. J. Ehrhardt, C. Etmann, R. I. McLachlan, B. Owren, C. B. Schönlieb and F. Sherry, for their paper “Structure-preserving deep learning, originally published in EJAM’s 32nd volume.

The John Ockendon Prize, named after the founding editor of the European Journal of Applied Mathematics, launched in 2016. This award recognises researchers for their contribution to applied mathematical research. 


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