Dr Keith Briggs

Keith Briggs is an applied mathematician working in fields such as mathematical computing, graph theory and stochastic processes for network applications, distributed algorithms, wireless systems, artificial intelligence, convex optimization, and design of multi-element antennas. He is a Fellow of the IMA, a visiting lecturer at the University of Oxford, and an Industrial Fellow at the University of Bath.   His publications cover fields such as nonlinear dynamical systems, complex systems science, network topology optimization, dynamic management of radio spectrum, and, most recently, performance modelling of cellular radio systems and of massive MIMO antenna systems.  He has been a partner in many large collaborative projects funded by the European Commission and by Innovate UK: Quasar, QoSMOS, SPEED-5G, SaT5G, and AIMM.  He also researches the place-names, language, and history of medieval Suffolk.

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